Production concession

Ownership: Irminio 80%, JSB 20%

Issue date: 27/01/1991

Administrative status: Production concession

Expiry date: 25/01/2022

Region: Sicily

Province: Ragusa

Area: 39.76 Km2

Irminio well site

The Irminio production Concession is located in Sicily in the Ragusa, Scicli and Modica provinces and it extends near the Irminio river valley. The field was discovered in 1982 by Anschutz SPI with the Irminio 1 well which recovered light oil (33°API) in the Noto Formation (Mila Member) of the Triassic age.

Irminio concession map

The Mila Member represents the main reservoir of Irminio field and it consists of fractured-bioconstructed dolomitic limestones (algal mound) with a primary porosity of 3% and secondary porosity caused by fracturing. The second reservoir is represented by the underlying dolomitic Sciacca Formation, the main reservoir of nearby fields of Ragusa, Gela and Tresauro, from which oil production has been established for a long time.

The entire area of the Concession is covered by a 3D seismic survey carried out in 2006, which through geophysical interpretation, allowed the detailed definition of the stratigraphic-structural model of the field, giving very encouraging results. 3D seismic interpretation revealed that Irminio field is a combined structural and stratigraphic trap, the reservoir is located in a structural high generated by a “pop-up” transgressive structure with a SW-NE direction.

Currently there are 3 wells at the San Paolino site (Irminio 3,4 and 5) one of which is currently producing, and a permanent Oil Center is present where oil is separated from natural gas and water.

In 2016 the Irminio  6 well was drilled from the new wellsite at C.da Buglia Sottana, located 1.5 Km NE from the San Paolino Oil Center, which recovered oil in the Mila Formation and it is currently producing.

With between 300 and 500 million barrels of oil in place, the Irminio field has significant development potential and the company is planning to increase and maintain production for the long term.


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