Fornovo di Taro

Production concession

Ownership: Irminio 21.43%, Petrorep 7.14% and Gas Plus Italiana (operator 71,43%)

Issue date: 24/01/1994

Administrative status: 1° periodo

Expiry date: 24/01/2024

Region: Emilia Romagna

Province: Parma

Area: 12.50 Km2

Sito concessione Fornovo di Taro

The Fornovo Production Concession is located in Emilia Romagna in the municipality of Fornovo di Taro in the province of Parma.Fornovo di Taro map

The area is covered by 2D seismic survey acquired between the 1980s-90s and an additional 100 Km of 2D seismic lines in 1997, subsequently reprocessed.

The field Monte delle Vigne was discovered in 1992 with the exploration well Monte delle Vigne 1 DIR (MVI), followed by the development wells Monte delle Vigne 2 dir and Monte delle Vigne Nord 1DIR.

The main reservoir consists of a structural trap made up by a series of turbiditic arenaceus levels of the upper Miocene (Serravallian age) mineralized by gas and condensate at depth between 1000-1350 m LM, belonging to the Marnoso-Arenacea Formation of the Parma Apennines.

There are currently two production wells in the Concession: Monte delle Vigne 1 and Monte delle Vigne 2.

Up to 2019, the Concession had a cumulative production of 708 MMscm.

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