Collaboration with Universities

Roma Tre University

University of Rome “Roma Tre“

During 2019 Irminio established a collaboration with the Department of Science of the University of Rome “Roma Tre”, in particular with Professor Sveva Corrado. In May the company hosted a group of students studying for a Master’s Degree in Geology and Energy Transition. during a field trip to Irminio’s well sites in Sicily.

The students made the following presentation as part of the discussion of the related exam.

Stima delle potenzialità del sistema petrolifero del Plateau Ibleo

The collaboration continued and resulted in November 2019 in the signing of an agreement for curricular internship.

Is the aim of Irminio and the Departments of Science or Roma Tre to fully implement the agreement as soon as the health and safety conditions have normalized (post-covid-19) and to host and Support the trainees with the maximum safety measures.

La Sapienza Rome University

University of Rome "La Sapienza"

In 2019, Irminio began a collaboration with the Engineering faculty of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in particular with Professor Claudio Alimonti, holder of the chair of hydrocarbons and subsoil fluids of the Department of Chemical, Engineering, Materials and Environment.

Irminio guaranteed full access to its database providing active collaboration for the development of circular economy projects, based on the exploitation of the geothermal potential of the depleted hydrocarbons wells.

Below you can see an interesting contribution presented by the Professor C. Alimonti at the 2019 annual meeting of the AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists) in Geneva.

Alimonti: AAPG Geneva 2019

The collaboration between the company and the University focuses on theses and trainees.

A first thesis work ended in January 2020, with the development of a project to exploit the residual geothermal capacity of depleted wells to provide the energy necessary to feed a digester of the organic component of solid urban waste.

Riassuntivo Biogas Plant

Tesi di Raffaele Calvo