Attention to the environment and involving the environment

Attention to the environment

The environmental sustainability of the activities we carry out, as well as the health and safety in the workplace, are part of our culture. To this extent, in all stages of planning our projects, we pay considerable attention to the protection of the environment and the community.

We carry out all activities, including the drilling of new wells, with maximum attention to the surrounding area and to safety and security of our employees. The plant and equipment used on our well sites are equipped with advanced prevention and warning systems, in order to prevent any possible oil or gas spills and uncontrolled releases.

We constantly check and maintain our safety equipment and systems;

  • Sub-surface Safety valves: in the case of any malfunctioning of the plant, the safety valves automatically close, interrupting the gas/oil stream coming from the wells.
  • Temporary oil storage facilities: oil is kept in storage tanks contained by concrete basins to prevent any accidental spill, before it is exported by a road tanker.
  • Operating procedures are carefully conceived to make sure all workers have undertaken risk assessments connected with the operating activities and have implemented the appropriate safety measures.


Thanks to our commitment to comply with all preventive measures according the highest safety standards, Irminio Srl has enjoyed an exemplary safety record.

Involving the environment

We have always had particular attention to the environment in which we operate: attention to the local surroundings, the local socio-economic fabric and maximum transparency in all operations. The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated and Irminio Srl not only conforms to the appropriate regulations, but in many respects exceeds them. We seek to minimize our environmental footprint and undertake our operations in harmony with our local surroundings and neighbors using industry “best practice” procedures to ensure safety and efficiency.

Environmental restoration post-drilling

To drill a well, a drilling site must be prepared, about half the size of a football field.

Whatever the results of the drilling exploration, at the end of the activity (exploration drilling if the well is dry or production in case of an oil discovery), the Company is obliged to close the well and restore the area to the original status.

In the first photo you can see the area that in the 90s hosted the drilling operations and subsequent production testing of the Irminio1 well.

The second photo shows the same area as it appears today, after operations ceased and environmental restoration was completed. It can be appreciated that there is no longer any trace of the past drilling and production activities.

Irminio 1 area in production
Irminio 1 Area after environmental restoration