The company is involved in Oil & Gas exploration & production.

Irminio Srl is the Operator of one Production Concession in Sicily (the Irminio oilfield) and is co-owner of an additional three concessions, one in Sicily and two in mainland Italy. Irminio Srl has interests in three exploration permits in Sicily.

Articles and News

We believe in transparency and communication to make our work known, which we carry out every day with awareness and attention to the environment.

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Much more than just an exploration company

Irminio concession sea side view

Attention to the Environment & Involving the Environment

The environmental sustainability of the activities we carry out, as well as the health and safety in the workplace,  are part of our culture. To this extent, in all stages of planning our projects, we pay considerable attention to the protection of the environment and the community.

We have always had particular attention to the environment in which we operate: attention to the local surroundings, the local socio-economic fabric and maximum transparency in all operations. The oil and gas industry is heavily regulated and Irminio Srl not only conforms to the appropriate regulations, but in many respects exceeds them. We seek to minimize our environmental footprint and undertake our operations in harmony with our local surroundings and neighbors using industry “best practice” procedures to ensure safety and effeciency.

Collaboration with Universities

Irminio Srl actively collaborates with universities and leading academics. This collaboration includes joint projects, access to Irminio’s extensive technical database and support of post graduate studies.