Assets & Projects

Oil Center and wells in San Paolino

The Irminio Oil Center with its 3 productive wells (Irminio 3, 4, and 5) is situated in Contrada San Paolino along the Irminio river and halfway between the city of Ragusa and the ocean. The surface area occupied is about 25,000 m2 (the size of two football fields).

Buglia Sottana Project

The development plan of the Production Concession “Irminio” is necessary to verify the extension of the field with the drilling of three new wells, named Irminio 6, 7, and 8, in Contrada Buglia Sottana, in the town of Ragusa.

Exploration permit Case La Rocca

In 2013, Irminio srl has applied for a new exploration permit named “Case La Rocca”. In September 2016, the authorization process for the acquisition of the research permit and for the drilling of 2 research wells.

Agriculture Project

Together with the City of Ragusa and major local agricultural association, in collaboration with the University of Catania, Irminio launched a working group to study possible initiatives in support of the local agro-livestock to use the energy produced by the cogenerator from the San Paolino Oil Center.


The new wells of Buglia Sottana

Launch of the drilling

2 May 2016 - After the installation of the required facilities, the drilling was started. Everything is proceeding according to the approved work schedule.

Questions and answers

Activities related to the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, liquid and gaseous fuels, are little known. There is much talk of oil and gas when referring to the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and climate change, without considering that today these sources are still required – and it will be at least until 2070 according to all the international energetic-economic scenarios – to ferry our system towards renewable energy.